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Player Information

Name: Daimon
Contact: [ profile] yazooairspace, daimon#1067 on Discord
Age: 30
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information

Name: Luke fon Fabre
Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Canon Point: Just after the destruction of Akzeriuth
Age: 18

History: Luke’s Aselia wiki entry and the general Tales of the Abyss section of the wiki.

Personality: ‘Obnoxious brat’ is probably the best way to describe Luke, in a few words. He’s spoiled, whiny, and generally annoying to be around. Also a member of nobility, which gives him the sense that he’s more important than most anyone he interacts with outside of his family, up to and including other members of nobility.

Much of his spoiled nature results from his upbringing. Luke’s life has been a fairly easy one, where he hasn‘t had to worry about whether he had food or money, and has servants to tend to him. Combine this with what is essentially 7 years of house arrest with no one but his family and servants to interact with, you get a guy with a skewed sense of importance and the impression that he can do what he wants. Also terrible social skills. He’s learned that this isn’t the case outside of his home, but it hasn’t really stopped him from reacting badly when things don’t go his way. If allowed to, he’s likely to yell at whatever is bothering him, or if he’s particularly angry, he’ll throw or kick things. He’s also likely to react this way if he or thinks he’s being ignored or doesn’t understand something.

Which is actually a lot, as Luke is ignorant of many things most people his age consider common knowledge and doesn’t seem to have much of a drive to learn those things. In fact, his view of the world is much like a child’s--after being kept isolated at home for 7 years, everything is new and needs to be examined, questioned, or both.

Boredom comes easily to Luke, as does impatience, and if something fails to hold his interest for more than a few minutes at a time, he’s very likely to stop caring about it. Or at least deem it stupid or a waste of time and then begrudgingly attempt to give a damn. On the other hand, if he does express interest in something, he’ll stubbornly focus on just that thing and try to ignore anything (and anyone) else. This is part of the reason for his ignorance--if a task is too hard or tedious, he’s far less likely to do it than simpler or more rewarding tasks, so there’s a lot of things he hasn’t learned simply because he hasn’t taken the time or effort to try to learn them.

Relatedly, Luke also enjoys being the center of attention. As mentioned up above, he has a skewed sense of importance, and is often not afraid to let everyone else know. He wants to be right, to be noticed, to be looked up to, and he needs these things to be affirmed frequently. He dislikes the people who scold or belittle him, though he’s also not too fond of those who aren’t sincere in their praise.

At least when he notices they aren’t being sincere. Luke is not the greatest at reading people to begin with, and when coupled with his desire to be important, he has the tendency to vastly misjudge what people around him actually think and feel about him. If someone looks and sounds sincere enough, he’s very likely to trust them, and if they don’t, he’s immediately suspicious. This makes him somewhat easy to manipulate.

Luke is extremely averse to killing and bloodshed, especially when people are involved. He’s not a pacificist by any definition; he’s trained to wield a sword and is a decent fighter, but balks at the idea of killing human beings and even non-humans in some cases, especially if they’re not hostile. He has a minor breakdown after killing a person in self-defense and prior to that, feels sick after destroying the eggs in a monster’s nest. As of his canon point, he’s just realized that he’s indirectly responsible for the deaths of several thousand people and is more than slightly freaked out about it. Luke also seems not to mind helping out people who seem to need it, though in most of these cases, he'll help but either complain the whole time or otherwise find some way to act like he really doesn't want to do it.

A trait that’s somewhat apparent at the beginning but becomes more apparent later in canon is Luke’s inability to do things in moderation. Because of his lack of worldly experience and social skills, he sometimes has a hard time coming up with the proper solution to a particular problem--he can come up with a solution all right, but they’re very likely to be too extreme or not good enough--and as a result, can get frustrated when he fails to fix something because he didn't go about it in the ‘right way'.

This is most apparent after he decides to change his behavior. He decides that he wants to help people instead of hurt them or push them away, but ultimately decides to try to help everyone everywhere with everything. Which isn't possible for one person to do, and he has to be told that he can't do that and shouldn't try to hard, lest he end up stretching himself too thin.

Abilities: Most of Luke’s skills lie in the ability to swing a blade around. He’s been taught for years the art of swordfighting and his style is hard-hitting but slow. It also includes punches and dropkicks, as well as his world’s answer to elemental magic, elemental ’fonons’.

He can sort of cook and his only other claim to fame is being really good at hide-and-seek despite having bright red hair.

Well, if you don’t count the ability to trigger a hyperresonance. Simply put, hyperresonance is a relatively rare phenomenon wherein matter can be destroyed (or formed) at an atomic level. Atomic Dissociation is a good way to describe it. It normally requires two people with the ability to utilize the element (fonon) of Sound working together, but Luke can do it by himself, channeling the power through his hands. However, he knows pretty much nothing about it aside from the fact that he’s capable of it, so his control over it is basically nil--something that’s both good and bad.

Strengths: Quick learner, jerk on the outside but squishy on the inside, physically strong, determined (when he wants to be), forceful

Weaknesses: Spoiled, arrogant, childish, easily manipulated, tends to freeze in dangerous situations

God/Shinki: Shinki

Why?: He could stand to be knocked down a few notches. Besides, he’d be happier not remembering some things that have happened in his life.

Cause Of Death: Falls into the Qliphoth

Vessel: Giant sword

Name Location: Back of left hand

Power: Disintegration. Sometimes if you use him to hit things, they turn to dust.

Writing Sample

Sample: Tokyo was really, really big. Not nearly as big as--well, to be honest, he wasn’t really sure. He’d seen big cities before, hadn’t he? For some reason, he couldn’t imagine that when he was alive, he hadn’t at least once been to a large urban area...though the thought didn’t make Tokyo seem any more familiar. Or less crowded. Being relatively unseen seemed to make it that much more difficult to make it through the crowds on the sidewalk.

Luke wondered how he’d fare if he just decided to walk in the street instead of on the sidewalk. He was already dead, could he die again? Would the cars simply pass through him? Not that he was about to risk his second chance, but the thought still lingered, even as a man walking the opposite direction bumped against him and mumbled an apology. That meant Luke still existed in some physical sense.

“Being dead should come with better instructions. ‘Congratulations, you died, now you belong to a total stranger!’ Ugh. This second chance sucks. Oh sweet! Thanks.”

It wasn’t reallynecessary to thank the guy running the food cart. After all, he didn’t even acknowledge that Luke had even swiped a skewer of meat as he’d passed by, let alone that the shinki was even there. Surely that one skewer wouldn’t be missed.

March test drive

An old Route 29 thread, Another Route 29 thread,


Anything Else?: Nah.
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[It's early evening when this video goes up. The camera's on Luke (and the Chatot nesting in his hair), and there's some sort of movie playing in the background; something involving Pikachus and Pichus.]

So I guess no matter how many times you lose your Gear, they'll replace it for you for no charge. Which is awesome.

Also hey to anyone who might've missed me for the past...two weeks? I'm still alive. And I have badges! [Moving the Gear to show the 6 Johto badges he's collected so far sitting on his bed.]

And uh...eggs. Lots of eggs. Apparently I can't leave some of my Pokémon alone for too long

[There's a couple barks from offscreen in response to that, and Luke rolls his eyes.]

Yeah, you!

[The video ends there, and is accompanied several minutes later by a text list of eggs and egg moves.

ooc: Eggs are still available to claim!]
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so will the gym leaders hate me if i cahllenge them when my team can easiyl kick their assses?

i mean i like how easy it would be to beat them and collect the badges

but it freels wrong.

do breeders even need badges?

wxxswa q2323
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So is anyone having issues with being able to hear everything?

[Disgruntled Luke is disgruntled, and also much fluffier than usual. He appears to be wearing a very fluffy yellow scarf, but the fact that his eyebrows and a portion of his bangs have turned the same color and the end of his nose is black suggests it might not be a scarf.

That much is on the screen before he tilts the camera up to show the two long red-orange ears poking out of his hair, the reason for his complaint.]

I mean, besides other things but--okay why is everything all weird?!

[And then he's distracted by someone off-camera, though the feed is still going.]

What, no. I'm not...hey, don't pet my ears, I'm not actually a Pokémon!
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[This video is very short, but possibly amusing, if you're disposed towards schadenfrueude. Luke's not in the video but filming it, and the focus (with slightly shaky camera work, is a Bagon.]

I DID IT! I finally caught one after trying for days and days!

[Or a week. He keeps the camera trained on the Bagon, who's still for several seconds before suddenly moving forward...

...and offscreen and not directly recorded, headbutts Luke directly in the kneecap. The viewer can probably gather that from the sudden yelp of pain and how the video suddenly tumbles around as the Gear's dropped.

We'll be right back.]
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[This video is one Luke isn't filming, once again. Because he's the subject. He and a rainbow of eggs. Which he's yelling at--or maybe he's just yelling nebulously at anything in the general area.

Wherever that is. It's somewhere outside, but there aren't any visible landmarks to judge the location from.]

Do you guys plan this?! Every time there's eggs, it's always way too many!

[On the plus side, at least Neku's group missed the memo, so all the eggs involved are from Luke. Doesn't make him happier, but at least there's less than 50 of them.

He stops yelling for a few seconds, looking like he might be counting the eggs--the viewer may never know, because the video suddenly focuses on a Blaziken's face.]

Oh well, at least--hey, don't record yourself, I'm not selling you, I'm selling the eggs.

[Oops, seems that's it for that feed. A while later he's back with a shorter video.]

Sorry...I'm selling some eggs...they're P600 per if you want any.

[Attached is a list of babies and moves. In text form, thankfully not in Luke's handwriting.>
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[Here's a face that hasn't been seen over the Gears for quite a while. A little over a month, to be exact. Once again, he's covered in freckles, but this time has a a small bruise under one eye.]

Hello, this going?

[He'll assume it is. The little red light that indicates recording is on.]

I'm still alive, if anyone was worried about me. I kinda got stuck on Mount Mortar and I guess you can't get to Mahogany from there or something. I dunno. Point is, I got stuck on a stupid mountain for three stupid weeks and I am never camping again.

Also I--

[He starts to say something else, but he's suddenly interrupted by the sound of cats fighting behind him. He doesn't bother to close his recording properly, simply sighing before shutting off the Gear to go address the cats.]
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[The Luke in this video is very happy-looking and also unusually freckly. At least across his nose and cheeks, since those parts of him are most visible from the camera's eye. He's holding two badges--Zephyr and Hive--in the hand not holding the Gear in front of him.]

Check it out, I got two badges! They were super easy, I didn't even have to bring along my entire team for either one!

[The badges go back in his pocket, and he looks slightly less happy.]

Also uh. I've got a bunch of eggs, too. Growlithe, Vulpix, Murkrow,, and Py--er, Litleo.

[At 'Litleo', an off-screen Pyroar makes a low but audible mrrr, and Luke turns away from the camera to shush her.]

Hey, if we're keeping them, I'm not taking care of them. Don't start.

...Anyway, if anyone wants any of them, lemme know. I've got prices and stuff written down.

(Egg post is here, and there are still eggs available!)
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does nyone have a fly disk I can borrow? i'm sick of camping for a while.

and wheres a good place to find a charmander?
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[Luke isn't in this video once again, but this time the camera is focused on a large batch of eggs, several of which are separated from the rest (not by Luke). Part of the batch can be partially seen under a blue blanket--which if you look closely has a face, as it's actually a Ditto.]

Undine, get off of those, no one can see them if you're covering them. Go on!

[It doesn't move, though a Honedge floats over to poke at the Ditto blanket.]

Ugh. Whatever.

...So uh, I have more eggs. Star got himself a girlfriend on the way here, so those over there are all some kind of bird. [The separate ones.] There's five under Undine that I think are more Honedge or more Dittos. And the rest are Vulpix and Growlithe.

They're all free this time around, so if you want one, claim it and tell me your name so I can send it to you. I wish they'd quit surprising me like this.

[He coughs a few times before shutting off the recording. He sounds better, but his cold isn't 100% gone, especially after trekking through the wilderness for a week.]

(OoC: The list is here! There are still Growlithe, Murkrow, and Starly eggs available.)
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[There is a concerned-looking Jigglypuff staring at the camera in this video. She's not concerned for the viewers, but rather the cameraman, who's offscreen.]

Hey look, Tear finally evolved.

[His voice sounds oddly muffled and scratchy. There are two reasons for this: because a) his face is half-smushed into a pillow and b) he's sick.]

'Cept she keeps slapping me awake. Pr'bly because I'm out of medicine. Anyone in Goldenrod want to do me a favor and go buy me some cold medicine? I'll reimburse you whatever it costs.
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[In this video is a Growlithe. More specifically, a Growlithe sitting beside a cluster of 6 new eggs. She's not looking at the camera at first, but then she seems to notice it's recording and barks happily at it, wagging her tail.]

You know we're not keeping all of those. I don't want to deal with six more baby...whatever's in those eggs. Dogs?

[Mama Growlithe barks again, then growls at the Mareep that over to check out the eggs.]


[The camera moves away from the two Pokémon to point at what appears to be the ceiling.]

So whoever is watching...I've got six eggs that I don't want. I think most of them are the same as she is--I'm pretty sure the father is Ifrit--a Vulpix.

I don't really understand how this even happened. But uh...if you want to buy one, they're 500p apiece.

[He ends it there. Eggs are still available!]
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[This video is a very short one, and Luke also looks annoyed in this one.

The reason is pretty apparent, because this is basically what's on your screen.]


[And then he turns it off to go rant and attempt to de-floof his hair.]
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[The downside to having Pokémon with hands? Or having the potential to have hands? Or a decent level of intelligence? You get Pokémon who learn how to operate their trainers' Gears.

It's not clear who exactly is filming this, but it's clearly not Luke, as Luke can be seen standing near a tree, still visible despite the fading light. He doesn't seem to know he's being filmed.]

Star, Nat, get over here. I wanna catch this spider-thing.

[He's referring to a Spinarak up in the tree, not visible to the camera. The two Pokémon wander over, Luke pointing to the tree and muttering something intelligible, probably telling them to knock it down so he can catch it.

Fortunately for the Spinarak, that doesn't happen, but two other things do: A Scatterbug joins the fight, and a Gastly decides to harass Luke directly. By popping up right in front of his face.]


[Cue iffectual swiping at the ghost, who cackles and swoops around just outside of Luke's arm's reach.]
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[This video starts off with a very annoyed Luke peering at the screen. He's got his hair up in a very fluffy ponytail this time, but there's nothing interesting behind him this time. A television can be heard in the background though, mingled with the ever-present background music.]

Whoever sent me the blob, you could've mentioned it can turn itself into other stuff! It turned into my PokéGear and I didn't notice until I had been talking to it for a while.

[Only about five minutes, but still.]

It's blue...but when I tried to see what it is, the picture that came up was pink. Is it sick or anything?

[He moves the camera to show a said blob--a shiny Ditto, sitting placidly on the floor. A Vulpix and a Growlithe can be seen wrestling in the background, periodically emitting angry yips.]

See? Blue.

[The video ends there, as he goes to break up the fighting 'mons.]
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[Hello Pokéworld, this is one of those new arrivals that isn't all that good with technology and doesn't have much of a clue what he's doing. He's figured out after much trial, error, and near-drops how to record a video. Or at least where the record button is and vaguely what it does.

The video comes on to show his face and what looks like tree branches behind him--he's holding the Gear at nearly arm's length--as well as some pink fluff that is the top of the Igglybuff in his lap's head.]

Hey, this is turned on, right? If anyone's getting this, tell me so I don't have to talk to the local wildlife all evening.

I also wanna know if there's a shortcut to the next town...Cherry-something?...three days is a pain to walk, and it's stupid cold out here.

[He's sitting inside the sleeping bag and also wearing a jacket that was in his backpack, but even combined they're not really good for the weather.]

...And I'm not sure exactly what I'm supposed to be doing with these...monsters. I read that I'm supposed to battle with them, but I took out the bird with a rock myself and the balloon doesn't do anything but sing and try to nest in my hair. So...they're pretty useless, and I hope I don't die out here because all I have is a balloon and a bird to protect me.

[There's a noise off-screen and he jerks slightly before looking around for the source.]

...The hell was that?
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Current location: Goldenrod

Last updated: 12/12/15


-- 1 winter coat, gloves, scarf
-- 1 pair of jeans
-- 1 pair sweats
-- 3 t-shirts
-- 2 pairs socks
-- 2 changes of underwear
-- 1 green apron w/matching headband

-- 1 bottle of shampoo
-- 1 bottle of conditioner
-- 1 washcloth
-- 1 large towel
-- 1 toothbrush
-- 1 tube of toothpaste
-- 6 bars hotel soap
-- Partial box of cold tablets (expired?)

-- various packaged foods
-- Trainer Handbook (Includes the Rules, Trainer Tips, a paper copy of the map, as well as a list of "good" berries and food tips for pokemon)
-- 1 sleeping bag
-- 1 small tent
-- Guide to Pokemon Breeding
-- Breeder's Notepad
-- small notebook
-- 2 pens
-- pack of colored pencils

-- 1 PokéGear
-- 1 Escape Rope
-- 5 PokéBalls
-- TM U-Turn
-- TM Attract
-- TM Shadow Ball
-- HM Rock Smash
-- HM Strength
-- 36000

-- Hive Badge
-- Zephyr Badge
-- Plain Badge
-- Fog Badge

-- winter coat
-- spare clothes

Price list
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[Prettiness will happen later!]
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Luke fon Fabre | Gargoyle
1st changehorns, claws, some scales | 8/29/14
2nd changefire magic, partially clawed feet | 9/28/14
3rd changenocturnal tendencies, tail, night vision | 12/4/14
4th changewings | 12/19/14
coinscurrent: 16 | spent: 0

art on left by [ profile] demidemonLove; art on right by [ profile] rileyboi

Current physical status: Very short hair, right wing formerly broken in Rota currently healed but permanently weaker, missing half of right horn

Currently a naga instead of a gargoyle. Scales based off of a bush viper. Tail is ~20 feet (8 yards), whole body is ~23 feet. Scale pattern outside of tail is same as gargoyle scale pattern.

Physical Changes

  • Red-orange scales across his shoulders, upper arms to the elbow, and down the middle of his back

  • Large wings in the same color

  • Lizard feet, scales extend up to his knees

  • Sharp (canine) teeth

  • Horns, located just behind his temples

  • Clawed hands, mostly human except for the fingers, which have the claws and some scales

  • Long tail! Like this only much longer. Also red-orange

Mental Changes

  • Increased desire to keep ahold of anything he thinks is interesting or nice, to the point of hoarding. Also very possessive of said things. Primarily swords and expensive jewelry. His room is like an armory of terrible quality swords.

  • More easily insulted/flattered.

  • Mostly nocturnal. (Attempts to be out in the daytime if sunlight can be avoided.)

  • Desire to live high above the ground. (Currently settling for a semi-normal bedroom with blackout curtains on the window)
    -Will lurk on roofs and people watch when not working, however


  • Fire breathing

  • Fire magic (e.g. fireballs, ability to make body much warmer than it would be otherwise)

  • Influencing humans through commands (must maintain eye contact during commands - he's unaware of this)

  • Better eyesight/night vision

  • Flight, due to wings


  • Weakness to direct sunlight; turns into a topaz statue when exposed to it.

  • Must feed on humans to survive; at least one person a week. (Can eat other food, but it is bland and won't stave off hunger very long)

  • Doors and doorways.

Fog form

  • Facial features become more draconic--eyes go from green to yellow, pupils become slitted, scales extend to cover nose and cheeks

  • Claws grow to full length, regardless of previous length and stay that way until cut again

  • More temperamental

Picture source is here


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